Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters,

Stay connected with source at spiritual level and achieves human excellence at worldly level.

We All are One.

What is the necessity to form Sarvajan Kalyan Loktantrik Party (SKLP)?

To have strong body it is necessary to have a Strong Heart which is placed left side in our body structure. Similarly to have a Strong India it is necessary to have a Strong Bihar (which is placed left side in our India’s map, represent the Heart of India) on the principle of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non- Violence; which is very much necessary for a Strong Society.

Unfortunately, there are lack of noble deeds and not seen in Bihar. There is atmosphere of corruption, robbery, rape, extortion, egoism, casteism, poverty, unemployment; Peace is almost missing at every place in Bihar. We strongly feel that Youth (Noble People), who contribute to form the society, are responsible for this situation.

Today Bihar is in need of Youth (noble people), who can take true decision on the basis of Morality and Humanity to strongly lead Bihar.

•     All Elderly People are Youth of Experience

•     All Young People are Youth of Power

•     All Children are Youth of Purity

You all will have to agree with me that this society has suffered a lot due to youth (noble people) rather than wicked people. Because 90% youth (noble people) are not staying in unity where as 10 % wicked people staying in unity and ruling over 90% of youth (noble people).

Further, if Purity is the foundation and all elderly, young & children unite together and lead Bihar then a noble society can be formed. A day is not far when this is going to happen; we will surely experience positive transformation in Bihar.

This is the reason SKLP has come in picture to unite all YOUTHS (Noble People) and form Strong Noble Society and Bihar on the basis of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non Violence. Who can take true decision on the basis of Morality and Humanity to form a government of Truth and new Bihar in coming days.

Why Sarvajan Kalyan Loktantrik Party (SKLP) is different from other party ?


•      SKLP is totally based on Purity, Morality, Humanity, Charity, Unity, Divinity and Human Values (Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non- Violence), Heart to Heart relationship.

•      SKLP is cautious about remarks rather than marks.

•      Unity in Thought, Word & Action.

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  • SKLP Registration


    "Sarvajan Kalyan Loktantrik Party" - Registration under Section 29A of Representation of the People Act, 1951, as a political party